Many of the questions we receive in the lead up to the eisteddfod are the same and it is very time consuming to respond individually. Please check here first before contacting us.

I seem to be missing important information?
Follow our Facebook page. Up to date information is placed there as it comes to hand. Please be sure to check this regularly. The questions we get most frequently are answered by checking our Facebook page & by reading the information on our website (Rules). Have you read the rules carefully, all eisteddfods are different! 

What section is best for my dancer?
It is best to ask your teacher which is the best section to enter, especially if you are new to solo dance competitions. All competitions are different and rules need to be read to fully understand what is required. We are not at liberty to tell you which section is best for your dancer.

Does SCDE have a novice/restricted section? Do I need to begin in that section or can I enter the regular sections even though I’m fairly new to eisteddfod competitions?
Yes, we have 2 sections per age groups that you can enter as ‘restricted’. Please refer to SOLO rules on this website. 

Restricted is a good place to start for dancers in their first years of solo competition. At our eisteddfod you don’t have to begin in the restricted sections.

However, You must not have won 1st, 2nd or 3rd in that genre at our eisteddfod to enter our restricted section.

As the restricted sections are genre-combined you may wish to enter the regular section which is genre-specific. This ensures you are competing against dancers in the same genre. There is no guarantee that ‘restricted’ is smaller or easier to compete in.

If you’re unsure which section to enter ask your teacher if they think you qualify for this.

I want to enter the restricted section and the regular section? Can I do the same dance twice?
No, you cannot repeat a dance. The ONLY exception is if you are selected for the Bursary where you may repeat one of your dances.

I want to enter the repertoire section and the regular section for ballet/contemporary? Can I do the same dance twice?
No, you cannot repeat a dance. The ONLY exception is if you are selected for the Bursary where you may repeat one of your dances.

I’ve entered the wrong section, how do I fix it?
Changing your section is not an easy process so we ask that you enter as carefully as you can and consult your teacher first to ensure you have the correct section.

If you contact us within 7 days notifying us of a mistake we can change this for you free of charge. After the 7 days we charge a fee of $20 per change. The process of changing the programming can be an arduous task. Please download the Change of Section form and email info@scde.com.au. Please ensure you follow the instructions, we will not change anything unless all information is received and the fee is paid.

Download Change of Section form

I’ve already entered but I’d like to add another dance, I don’t want to pay for the program & pass again if I start a new invoice. 
Please email your original invoice to info@scde.com.au. We will provide you with a code that will deduct this fee from your entry.

Will you take a late entry?
We only take late entries up to 1 week after the closing date advertised with a $25 late fee, see dates on our rules page on our website.

I’ve just entered a Duo but my partner has entered solos already and has paid for a pass, now she/he has two, the invoice automatically added the pass?
Unfortunately this is how the program is set up but we can refund for the second pass. Just show the administration team both of your invoices, showing proof of the purchase of two passes for the same person and the second pass will be refunded on the day you dance. No sighted invoices, no refund we are sorry. 

Do I have to enter Age aggregate or Bursary? How do I go about that?
If you wish to be considered, you must nominate at the time of entering by paying a fee on comps-online. We cannot accept entries once the eisteddfod begins.

What dance should you do if selected for the bursary? When is the bursary and when is it announced?
You can perform any dance, either one danced at the eisteddfod or a different one. The bursary is usually held on the final afternoon/evening of the Solo competition. We announce the dancers names the evening prior so ensure you check your phone if you have nominated as we send a text notification that you need to reply to immediately.

Will there be additional vendors available at SCDE
Yes. Move Photography (photos), Limelight Video (video) and Showtime Dancewear (shoes, tights, clothing) will be with us for the duration of the eisteddfod.

When will I receive my program & pass?
On the day you first compete. You will register at the admin desk and they will give you both items. An draft version of the program will be on our website when it is finalised.

I see in the program there are two sections of the same due to large entries. The section my dancer is in is not as convenient as the other, can I move her/him from one section to the other.
No, we will not change a section unless there is a dire emergency.

I’ve just looked at the program and my dancer has been missed somehow from one of their dances?
We do make mistakes from time to time and its not intentional. Sometimes there are split/multiple sections if we have more than 20 entries, please check all of them before contacting us. If there is something missed, send us a return email with a copy of your invoice drawing our attention to the mistake and we will fix it for you. The program uploaded on our website is a draft and we can fix these things before they go to print. Once you send us the changes give us a few days, then go back to the program on the website to check that the change was made. It is advisable to check that your name appears in all the sections you entered as soon as its released and advise us of the problem asap.

I can’t make the eisteddfod, a change of plans or I have to isolate, can I have a refund? 
The costs associated with running the eisteddfod are based on entries and are considerable. We don’t refund at all unless the committee cancels the event, then we refund minus the $4.50 Comps-Online fee.

What time do the doors open on the day? Is there plenty of parking?
1 hour prior to start time. Yes, there is plenty of parking on site.

How do I purchase tickets?
Tickets are available at the box office prior to or on the days of the eisteddfod.

To purchase tickets:
20 Minchinton St, Caloundra, Qld 4551
Box Office Ph (07) 5491 4240

Tickets entitle you to watch in either of the two theatres. 

What flooring do you supply for your competition?
In 2018 the Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod purchased their own high-quality Harlequin Tarkett flooring at a huge expense so all dancers can feel safe to perform well at our eisteddfod. Both theatres have this floor covering.