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Exciting News !! We have joined Australia’s largest Music Uploads Management Service.
What is this you may ask? 
Music Uploads is a cloud-based platform Australia wide that allows competitors to upload their music before the event. 

This takes out the stress of music not playing, stopping halfway through or wrong songs played on the day. 

If you do not have an account, they offer different storage plans that allow you to store your Music and Voice Critiques from different competitions all in one location.

You will need to purchase a region add-on for any new competition you would like to add to the service. 

This new service is truly a game-changer and is now part of all our competitions moving forward. 
You can find out more information at

Music Management

Contactless – Automatic Music Uploads

The Music Uploads system is ready , we have finalised our program and Uploaded it into the music uploads system. We are Ready!! You can now Upload & Transfer your Files. Please Read all info below !!!

Video Getting Started – New Users Must Watch

You need a storage Account Create or Re-Activate your storage

                  • Mobile Devices Some mobile phones may be incompatible
                  • Computers Best results use a Computer & Google Chrome
                  • Support Please watch our support Videos before you contact support
                  • Chat Support Live Chat or leave a message in the chat for support
                  • Facebook Do Not Post Support Questions, MU will not see them there
                  • Support Contact Do Not Email your questions to the Eisteddfods or Competitions, you must contact Music Uploads direct Via Chat or Support

*** Do Not Miss the Upload Cut Off Date – by 5pm APRIL 30 ***

If no music is uploaded but the cutoff date we will consider you withdrawn

Instructions – Follow these step by Step Guides

                              • Step 1 Add New Region
                              • Step 2 Upload Music to Storage Folder
                              • Step 3 Transfer a copy of your Music to Competition
                              • Step 4 Check Your Music

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