News – Groups & Education

26 January 2022

Vaccinations requirements

Firstly, we are led by the rules of the The Events Centre, Caloundra and we have always felt them to be on our side, they have done their utmost best to support the us, as you would know we were one of the very few to hold a groups event in 2020, that was because they worked tireless and pushed to make it happen alongside us.
This is their official statement regarding vaccinations as of the 17th Dec 2021.
From 17 December 2021 a new Public Health Direction from QLD Health will come into effect at The Events Centre Caloundra which applies to everyone who enters the building who is 16+ years of age.  This direction applies to all Venue Hirers, Clients, Producers, Promoters, PCO’s, Contractors, Patrons, Delegates, Artists, Employees, Volunteers, Suppliers, Crew and those who are 16 + years.Only those who are fully vaccinated (or medically exempt) are permitted to enter The Events Centre, Caloundra. Proof of vaccination will be required when entering the building and all persons will also need to register via the Qld Check-In App once they have gained entry to the Venue

We know this can change in a minute (for better or worse) so the SCDE Committee will keep you informed of any changes that occur.

The Covid Rescue Rule!

Teacher: ‘HELP, I potentially will have students who will have to isolate/have covid/a close contact on the day of the eisteddfod, how am I possibly going to be able to enter this year, my team/s will be so uncertain.

Let us help you! We will be implementing this NEW rule for our 2022 Group & Education Eisteddfod. (insert visual of the SCDE Committee standing triumphantly with capes waving)

On the day of the Eisteddfod if you have the unfortunate situation where a student/s have covid symptoms, test positive for covid, are a close contact etc and cannot dance this rule will apply: All Teams will be allowed a dancer substitution of 10% of their team by a dancer who is up to and no more than 1 year older. (cut-off date is by 31st Dec)
Team Sizes
Up to 14 dancers                 1 dancer substitution
15 & up to 24 dancers         2 dancer substitutions 
25 & up to 34 dancers         3 dancer substitutions
35 & up to 44 dancers         4 dancer substitutions 
45 & up to 50 dancers         5 dancer substitutions
Again, any replacement dancer can be no more than 1 year older by the 31st Dec.

You can substitute an many dancers you like who are of the correct age for the particular section but by allowing a percentage of dancers (1) year older it will make the process easier and less stressful for the dancers and the teachers we hope.
This way we feel you may have reserves who have done a dance in a previous year ready, rehearsed and are able to step in should this unfortunately occur during these uncertain times. Should you have a ‘Covid Rescue Dancer’ in the team on the day you must follow the following protocol:
The substitute dancer/s, along with a teacher MUST register at the administration desk prior to the section commencing. we must be notified of these substitutions and when they occur to avoid any issues. Failure to do this may result in disqualification from the section.

Finally, we are happy to announce that along with the SCDE the following eisteddfods will also be implementing this rule: BPAC, Gold Coast Eisteddfod, and Comdance Redcliffe Eisteddfod (Born to Perform). 
We are so proud to be able to give dance schools certainty and continuity throughout this period.